What Panty Style Works Perfectly for Women With Butts?

Our underwear choices are not that limited, not unlike before, now we can wear different types for different outfits. If you think it doesn’t matter, then you are wrong. Underwear can be a huge part and a foundation on how your clothes are going to look. Just like when you are buying a dress, would you want it even though it is unflattering? It is the same with underwear; you need to find the perfect pair of panties that will look best on your butt and make you feel good about yourself. If you are one of the blessed women with a beautiful behind, here are some of the panty styles that will work best for you. 

Low Rise Soft Stretch Bikini

This panty style usually uses cotton or soft nylon fabrics; thus, it is stretchable, breathable, and very comfy to wear. Low Rise Soft Stretch Bikini has good leg opening without tight elastics that won’t dig into your skin. Moreover, it doesn’t ride up easily and hugs your waist perfectly. The only downside is, there may be a noticeable panty line if you are wearing leggings or pants, but it still depends on the thickness of the fabric. Choose the perfect one of this style, and you’ll forget you’re even wearing one. It is suitable for bum coverage and is ideal for everyday wear.

Lace T- Back 

You might think that you need to compromise beauty and comfort in choosing panties, but you can certainly have a pretty and comfortable one. Undywear mentioned that a panty with too much coverage would make your bottom look bulkier, and if you buy a non-stretchable panty, they can make a weird and unflattering butt shape. Seamless t-back will enhance your curves and still be comfortable to wear. Just make sure that you will choose t-back panties with a cotton crotch not to irritate your genitals. Moreover, make sure that the front is completely covered so it won’t ride up or chaff. 

Seamless Bikini

Like stretch bikinis, seamless bikinis will help retain your shape and not ruin your curves. The other thing is it is seamless, which makes it soft, stretchy, and comfy. It is silky and will hug your body without the fear that it will be noticeable. The seamless bikini will be right to wear in yoga pants, jeans, and even tight-fitting dresses. Seamless panties have a history of not handless washing machines, so choose one with good quality so that it will handle the machine wash.


Cheeky underwear offers more coverage than a t-back but less than a bikini. It is called cheeky because it will reveal half of your bum cheeks. Cheeky will be a good option for everyday wear. Choose cheeky underwear with a good cut so they will not ruin your butt shape and compliment them instead.

Wearing the perfect underwear can boost your confidence and provide you comfort. Wearing one style for underwear will not be ideal. In loving yourself, you should embrace everything, and enhancing your body with the help of underwear is a great start.

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