Top Tips to Save You Time as a Parent

As a mum, it can be incredibly difficult to get everything you need to do done in a single day, especially if you have the kids in tow 24/7. Then, if you are struggling to get out the door on time in the mornings or to finish your to-do list, here are some top tips for mums who are starting to feel hassled and stressed all day, every day.

Make a Quick Breakfast

One of the biggest and most stressful parts of your family’s daily routine might be eating breakfast, especially if you have a household full to the brim with fussy eaters. Therefore, to stop your day from becoming stressful before it has even begun, you should look around for quick and easy-to-make breakfast options that you can place in front of each member of your family without any complaints. For instance, at Mornflake, their porridge sachets can give your family a nutritious yet speedy breakfast that can set them up for the rest of the day.

Car Share

If the majority of your day is taken up with driving the kids here and there, you should consider car-sharing with another mum or someone that you trust, especially if your kids go to the same school or playgroup. Car sharing can not only save the environment, but it can also save you time, as you will be able to split shifts evenly between one or two people, ensuring that you can spend some days focusing on yourself, rather than constantly tearing around after your children.

Get a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you often spend the entire day cleaning, you will know what it feels like to enjoy the look of a spotless house for only a few minutes before your kids come in and make it a mess again. So, to ensure that you do not have to keep cleaning every few moments to keep your house looking nice, you should consider investing in a robot vacuum cleaner that can clean your carpets for you while you complete other tasks. These vacuum cleaners can be programmed to cover certain areas of your home and can even communicate with a mobile app which means that you can sort out problems with it even when you are not in the same room. You should also try to keep your home organised by investing in storage containers, which can ensure that all of your easily lost items can be found when you need them.

Consider Batch Cooking

Are you sick of coming home from work or picking the kids up from school and then having to spend hours sweating over the oven? If that is the case, you should consider batch cooking meals once a week. By cooking a few meals at a time and then freezing those that you do not want to consume immediately, you will ensure that your kids have a range of healthy meals throughout the week while allowing you to spend the hour that you would normally spend cooking something fresh doing something more worthwhile.

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