Top 6 Clothing Fabrics Suitable For Children’s Clothing

A baby’s skin is supple and soft, making it more sensitive than adults, prone to rash, and can be easily affected by harsh clothing. So it would be best if you made the optimal choices of fabrics when purchasing kid’s clothes.

There are several varieties that you can choose from. So, to make it easy for every parent, read on to know the most suitable fabrics for your kid’s clothing.

Let’s begin.

●    Cotton

Cotton is one of the most environmentally friendly kids’ fabrics. Most kid’s dresses, t-shirts, jeans, and baby rompers made with these fabrics are excellent for use any time of the year.

They are highly chemical resistant, highly durable, and don’t cause allergies. So, when you visit a children’s boutique filled with a catalog of their clothes, you should opt for this fabric.

Though it can be difficult to iron and can change the shape during washing, the addition of a small amount of polyester and elastane offsets these drawbacks.

●    Jersey knit

The cotton jersey knit is another excellent fabric for kids’ items. It is known for its ability to stretch and its softness. In addition, the material is pretty lightweight, making it a perfect fabric for baby apparel.

Moreover, it is also ideal for its absorbency and breathability. But, you must be careful when washing it as the material tends to shrink quickly.

●    Wool

Wool is a natural fabric with several advantages but needs special care and attention. As an excellent material for kids’ clothes, it rarely gets dirty and is capable of keeping heat.

Even so, some types of wool fibers can result in discomfort when worn. So, when you intend to get a woolen fabric for your kid, you should pay attention to the wool’s composition.

●    Fleece

Fleece is a synthetic artificial fabric often used in kids’ clothing production. It has several advantages like its inability to deform, ability to dry fast, easy to wash, and durability.

Also, fleece doesn’t cause allergies. With these advantages, fleece fabric is quite popular in kids’ outerwear and sportswear.

●    Satin

This fabric looks like silk and has a glassy surface. It is pretty easy to iron and well-ventilated. It is suitable for kids’ clothing due to its low thermal conductivity, which can help maintain your kid’s temperature.

Satin clothes usually do not wrinkle and are pretty durable. In fact, the clothes are excellent options to be worn in warm summer weather.

●    Linen

Similar to cotton, linen is another popular natural fabric. This fabric is excellent for hot summer weather. It absorbs moisture and passes air well but is quite tricky for ironing.

In addition, it can be hard to touch, which is not quite good for a baby’s skin. But, clothes made from thin linen are a good option.

Final Words

The abovementioned fabrics are not every fabric used for making kids’ clothes. Kids’ clothing made from natural fabric is more appreciated among every product.

Linen, cotton, and wool are the best material for better breathability. They are characterized by their high hypoallergenic properties, which give a pleasant sensation.

So, when choosing your kid’s fabric, make your choice wisely so your kids can be healthy and happy.

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