The Key To Getting A Good Night’s Sleep: What Mums Need To Know

While there are a few different elements to a good night’s sleep, there is perhaps one key thing that towers above the rest: the bed itself. A poor bed and mattress will severely impact sleep for mums who have a busy day. Therefore, a good mattress is key to getting a good night’s sleep.

Research from some of the top retailers in the country can explain what mattress could be best for you. Let’s break down the ins and outs of mattresses and find out what you may prefer.

The two types of mattresses

For maximum support, a firm mattress could be best. A firm mattress is less likely to change shape under your weight. This is preferable for many that have back issues. It’s important to remember that firmness can lead to more pressure applied on pressure points.

Soft mattresses are designed to cushion and contour around your body. Because they adapt to your body shape and weight, they are the perfect choice for people who like the feeling of ‘sinking into the bed’. A soft mattress provides the least amount of support and therefore may feel cosy but might not maintain neutral spinal alignment. These mattresses could also have a shorter lifespan, depending on the materials they are made from.

The best mattress comfort level for different ailments

There are mattresses that will suit individuals with certain ailments. If you have any back concerns, you should consider what type of mattress could interest you. It’s worth your time speaking to sleep experts to find out your options.

Stiffness can be due to several reasons and conditions. Because of this, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and trying different mattresses before you buy may be helpful when making a choice. However, stiffness can also be very temperature sensitive, so if keeping warm improves your symptoms, then a mattress containing memory foam may help retain heat whilst providing pressure-relieving comfort.

There’s plenty of research into back pain and the best type of mattress to use, but the results are often conflicting. Whilst it’s very much an individual choice, a medium-to-firm pressure mattress is a good place to start for those who suffer from lower back pain (the most common type of back pain). Furniture Village mattresses will be a good place to find a suitable mattress as they have plenty of options. Search through their offerings to find out how you could improve your sleep.

Hip pain may be worsened by poor spinal alignment and pressure on the hip joint itself. A memory foam mattress may help relieve pressure and maintain a more natural alignment. If memory foam mattresses feel too warm (the foam tends to insulate heat), then try a gel mattress. This has similar properties but feels cooler.

This is where choosing a mattress that maintains the normal curves of the neck, upper and lower backs whilst keeping the whole spine as straight as possible when lying on the side is ideal. However, if you have a medical reason for altered spinal alignment, ‘forcing’ your spine into certain positions may be uncomfortable, so discussing it with your health professional first may be worthwhile.


Finding the mattress of your dreams is vital for a good night’s sleep, but it’s not always easy. As a mum, you should ensure you are looking for a bed that will allow you to get the levels of sleep that you need. Use the tips we have outlined and you will be able to find your suitable mattress.

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