Plan a Wedding on a Budget: A Beginner’s Guide

Weddings are wonderful occasions. They are the opportunity to go all out, to have that once-in-a-lifetime celebration that brings together all your loved ones for one day of spectacular merriment. Whether you are looking to start planning your own wedding, or your child’s, it’s essential to know what you need to do and how best to do it for both your budget and for great results.

Weddings can be hectic. They can be stressful. They can be money pits that you never seem to get out of. With the right planning and by following this guide, you will know what you need and how to do it without going over your budget:


The Run Down

1.    The Venue

A great local wedding venue is the most critical aspect of any wedding. Not just because it’s where you’ll spend most of your day, but because it can be the all-in-one solution you need. It’s easy to go over your budget when you try to source everything from the decorator, DJ, caterer, and so on. A great wedding venue can save you from all that by offering set package prices for the whole day – including meals.


2.    The Registrars

You won’t be able to find a venue that automatically has registrars available to officiate your marriage. That’s fine; you just need to call up the local registrars in the area before you book the venue to know when they are free and during which dates.


Budget Tips

Weddings can be expensive, so to help you save every pound you can follow these tips:


1.    For the Dress

You have so many options to have a great wedding dress on a budget. The first is to wear a heritage wedding dress and take it to a tailor for updating. You can also rent a wedding dress for the day, which will help you splash out on a dress you usually wouldn’t be able to afford, or you could buy a used dress (remember, they’ll have only been worn once, which is fewer times than any rack-sale models you may find).


2.    For the Flowers

If you want to save on the flowers, either opt for in-season bouquets or, if you want to pay as little as possible, get in touch with other weddings in the area and buy their floral arrangements off them. You’ll need to find weddings that are occurring the day or two before and negotiate with the bride.


3.    For the Alcohol

Open bars are expensive, so an excellent way to help your guests have a good time but not go over your budget is to have a complimentary wedding drink or cocktail that is free and have the rest of the drinks paid for.

You can also offer drink vouchers so that you can manage your bar budget and still offer your guests complimentary drinks.


4.    For the Cake

A simple cake will go a long way, and if you want to stick to a small budget, try making your own. There are a lot of decorating tutorials online that are simple and easy to do. Otherwise, when ordering a cake, try to avoid traditional “wedding” looking cakes for an instant discount.

Planning a great wedding is hard and requires a lot of steps, but with these budget-friendly tips, you can have the dream wedding you or your child has always wanted without going overboard.

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