Organizing the Perfect Road Trip Across Montreal

The current challenges posed by the coronavirus are sure to have the adventurous types among you fidgeting from an unsatisfied sense of wanderlust. Why not give yourself something to look forward to and start organizing a road trip today?

Montreal is a great choice for a long drive through the diverse and beautiful natural scenery, bustling cities, and breathtaking wildlife. It can be ideal for those of you who wish to have a taste of just about everything in one journey, from the fresh ocean air to, of course, poutine.

Organizing a road trip takes more than a little planning; however, from the safety aspect to the music, the perfect trip takes careful thought.

Where to Go

Montreal is located in Quebec, the largest province in Canada, so as one might expect, ample time should be allocated to planning where exactly to start.

Mount Royal can be a good choice to begin your journey, as its numerous areas to gaze out across the city are a good indication of the fun times ahead.

There are many beautiful areas to spend a few nights in, from Quebec City to Mont-Tremblant, everywhere has its own idiosyncrasies and sights to discover.

If you have shopping on the mind, then the underground city might be perfect for you; it’s a diverse, easily accessible network of culinary delights and stores that can keep you busy for days on end.

If it happens to be nature you are after and want to get the most out of your driving experience, whale watching in St Lawrence could be just the activity for you. Besides, few road trips can offer you the chance to see a whale off the edge of a heavenly coastline.


Using Google Maps to plan your route can be a huge time saver, as you can take a look to see how long your trip will take, allowing for you to take fuel and accommodation into consideration. Furthermore, you can pinpoint sights and stops along the way, offering you the chance to get as much sightseeing in as your schedule will allow.

This is also great for observing how long you might need to drive each day in order to see everything you wish, which may come in handy for working out how much money you will need to save for extra accommodation should you potentially become tired of being behind the wheel.

In order to make sure you give yourself some peace of mind when driving long distances, insurance can be essential. Keeping yourself covered from potential danger can allow you to fully enjoy the best of your road trip; can help you find the best type of insurance for you, both quickly and cost-effectively. This is a great service for those of you who want to make the process as stress-free as it can be.

Your Car

Obviously, a big road trip requires a car that can go the distance, so taking some time to consider the basics of your vehicle is crucial. This includes checking your tire pressure and quality, oil and water filters, lights, wipers, and of course, emergency snacks.

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