How to Make Your Bathroom Cosier and More Comfortable

When you think of warmth and comfort, the bathroom may not be the first place that comes to mind. Aside from a relaxing hot bath, in winter you may find yourself fleeing from a cold bathroom as quickly as possible to get back to the warmth of your living area! Nevertheless, bathrooms can actually be the perfect cosy retreats if you choose the right features and think about your space more creatively.

Here’s how to make your bathroom cosier and more comfortable.

Use Warm Lighting

Warm lighting, as opposed to cold, white lighting, can make your bathroom feel that little bit cosier. Whether it’s a warm overhead light, over-mirror lights or wall-lamps, soft lighting will help the bathroom to feel more of a cosy retreat than a cold and clinical environment.

Decorate in Darker Colours

Dark and deep colours – such as dark reds, deep oranges, soft greens or even deep blues – can help to create a warmer atmosphere whether it’s your wall paint or your chosen tiles. Lighter colours like white and beige are great for having a room feel bigger and brighter, but they can feel plainer and colder.

It all depends on your taste, though; whites and beiges can still work for decorating the bathroom if you balance them out with warm lighting and cosy features.

Install Heated Features

Extra heat can make a bathroom cosier any month of the year, but it’s particularly helpful in winter. No one likes the prospect of using the bathroom when it’s freezing, especially when you’ve just stepped out of a hot shower onto cold floor! That’s why additional heated features can be a huge help.

You can think about:

  • Underfloor heating to make sure your bare feet never get cold
  • Heated towel rails to make your towels warm and ready for you
  • A heated toilet seat to make it less shocking to sit on a freezing seat!

Use Scented Candles or Other Scents

A lot of comfort can come from pleasant scents, too, so if your bathroom isn’t already full of them, it should be! Scented candles are a great way to both introduce warm and cosy lighting while also providing an attractive scent for your bathroom space. It’s also perfect to have some scented candles on hand right when you’re in the mood for a relaxing bubble bath or some spa treatments.

If you’re not a fan of candles, you can use diffusers or other air-fresheners instead. Just choose your favourite scent and have it fill your bathroom!

Upgrade Your Bath

Your bath is one feature which is going to make the difference between a long and comfortable soak, or not having enough space or comfort to enjoy lounging in the tub. Upgrading your bath is a worthy investment if you love relaxing baths and want a bigger and more comfortable tub shape to be able to enjoy.

Upgrading your bath could also mean adding extra features such as a Jacuzzi bath which can create a more spa-like experience for you.

So, there you have it! Make your bathroom more cosy and comfortable with these great tips.

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