3 Ways to Make Eco Friendly Home Improvements

These days, environmental awareness is high up on both the government agenda, and in public consciousness. It’s a sobering fact, that we live in a time where humanity’s impact on the planet, has got to a point where the sustainability of earth for future generations, is teetering on a knife edge. The effects of global warming and climate change, can already be seen around the world. Put simply – we must all now act as one, to ensure that the planet remains habitable for future generations.

Today, when considering home makeovers, choosing eco-friendly materials and methods, is of paramount importance. In this article, three key ways to choose eco friendly home improvements will be discussed.

Choose Eco-friendly Suppliers and Products

The first way we can ensure that our home improvements are eco-friendly, is to vote with our wallets and insist on ecological suppliers, products and materials. As an example, consider that you are planning to upgrade your living room. You want high quality furniture that is both stylish and durable, but also want to buy from a supplier with proven eco credentials… Rather than shopping at a large DIY store, you should consider buying from a supplier that sources materials responsibly in the construction of this furniture.

Companies such as Ligne Roset Hampstead, implement strict environmental standards in the construction of their furniture and have documented their commitments to sustainability. Choosing a supplier like this, is an effective way of making eco-friendly purchases. In a free-market economy, traders are obliged to offer products and services that consumers want -and by choosing ‘green’ companies for your home improvements, you’ll be helping to increase the demand for such products.

Consider Solar Panels

It’s a fact that we live in an age of soaring energy costs that have a direct impact on our utility bills. Between 2010 and 2020 in the US, energy costs rose by 14%, and today, the effects of the war in Ukraine, are pushing prices even higher. This is why it is the perfect time to install solar panels on the roof of your home. Naturally, the energy you can generate from solar cells, depends on the number of panels you put in place, and the levels of sunlight in your area. Most homeowners find that by installing solar panels, they can save a significant amount on their energy bills, and some may even be able to sell surplus energy back to the national grid, to make a profit.

Insist on Energy Efficient Appliances

If you are planning to upgrade some key home appliances, such as the cooker or washing machine, as part of your home improvement plants – ensure they have a high energy efficiency rating. Today, universal energy efficiency ratings, are given to every modern appliance. The rating ranges from “A”, which is the most energy efficient, to “G”, which is the least efficient. By choosing highly efficient appliances, you will save money on your water and energy bills, and help to do your bit for the environment. As with sustainable furniture, voting with your wallets and choosing energy efficient appliances, sends a clear message to manufactures and ensures that their quest for engineering more environmentally-friendly appliances, continues.

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