WeeRide Classic bike seat

Deniz writes:

I would love to ride with my 2 year old daughter but I am not the most confident on a bike and she isn’t too happy being on the back so this was a great opportunity to try something a little different – the WeeRide classic bike seat is a centre mounted bike seat whereby your child sits in front of you on a reinforced top tube.
When you first get it out of the box you will wonder how it will possibly fit a child bigger than a year old (the lower age limit)– it does and is “guaranteed” to fit a child up to the age of 4! Our daughter fitted in fine, she liked the idea of getting in it and the unusual process of her leaning forward for the headrest to sleep seemed as novel to her as it did me.


The bicycle seat worked really well, I certainly felt more confident than I would with my daughter on the back – the whole seat felt more sturdy and less back heavy. Being used to the backseat my daughter initially made things harder by trying to turn around/touch me/touch my handle bars/gears etc but after a while she was used to it and just rode along. It is hard to imagine my 2 year old wanting to semi laydown to go to sleep as the headrest is in front of her by the handle bars but I am sure if they are tired they will give it a go.


The bike seat generally felt very sturdy and I liked the overall look of it. It does feel too small to put them on but once my daughter was on I didn’t feel like this. I am only 5 feet tall and I wonder if she were closer to 4 whether I would still feel able to have her sitting in front of me or whether she may block my view somewhat.


Overall, I would really recommend this bike seat but you need to research where your top bar and head tube sit –there has to be a gap to mount the bike seat frame onto. Unfortunately, a lot of UK bikes appear to be made with little space between the head tube and the top tube so be cautious of this before you buy.


The Wee Ride Classis is available online for £69.99. Visit www.weerideuk.co.uk for more information

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