The Mighty Mug

Deniz writes: The Mighty Mug is a typical cup for hot drinks, with a twist that is very innovative and fun to show off – it suctions onto a flat worktop and cannot be pushed over sideways – imagining flinging your arm across a desk to reach something and knocking a traditional cup over, but with this one, it stays put! But then by lifting the top half of the cup, where you would naturally reach for anyway it lifts off effortlessly. It is a lovely innovation that will likely save a few laptops in its time. On that note-it is probably really helpful for a parent of young toddlers – not only will it hold a whole mug of coffee AND KEEP IT WARM (Imagine that!) but it is also less likely to be knocked over by a little one.

I have been using the cup for a month for work and just for taking a hot drink out in the car etc. It keeps the drink hot for a good while and has a nice enough spout for sipping. I have noticed that not all of my surfaces have been smooth and therefore, the mugs innovation is lost but it will still work as a perfectly good cup on the go with an added bonus sometimes. Ideal for work desks but not foolproof enough to leave around an interested toddler with a hot drink in it of course.


Leah writes: I was very impressed when I received the Mighty Mug in the post. The packaging was very appealing, and the information sheets with the product were very useful. I was very intrigued to review this product, as I have never seen nor heard anything like this on the market before. As you can imagine, my first thought when I received the product was to see if it actually can hold a drink without tipping over. I filled the mug with a freshly made coffee, put the lid on and tried to tip it over. To my surprise it worked very well and did not tip. When I looked at the bottom of the mug I was surprised to see that it was not made with suction pads like I had assumed. I think that the idea itself of a mug that doesn’t fall over is brilliant to be honest. I then asked my husband if he could take the mug to work and tell me his opinion of the product. He was also very impressed with the fact that the mug does not topple over like a normal cup would. He also stated that the drink inside kept warm for a few hours, so he was very happy to not only have mug for work that didn’t tip over but it meant he did not have to comprise the temperature of his drink and how long it would stay hot for. I would highly recommend this to all of my friends and family. The design is sleek, yet practical and I would be very interested in purchasing more of these as Christmas gifts. Thank you very much for sending me this product to review and I look forward to using more of your products in the future.


The Mighty Mug is available from the Dexam website from £15.00

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