Omzak – The Space Cat Warrior by Jaylen Grace

Review by Megan – aged 9

The book is about Captain Omzak, a space cat warrior who gets sent to Earth as punishment for training another space cat when it was too young to be trained.  When he gets to Earth he looks just like any normal cat but with his warrior skills.  The other Earth cats don’t believe him.  Omzak has to complete a special task and help a child before he can go back home to Catopia, his planet.

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it is exciting.  I thought it was funny when he got dropped into a bin but he can’t even empty one without coming out in a rash.  I think this book is best for boys and girls aged over 8 who like adventure and animal stories.


William – aged 6

At first I was surprised to see that there were not many pictures in this book and so I kept putting off starting it but when I did start reading the book, I really enjoyed it.  Omzak, The Space Cat Warrior is by Jaylen Grace and is very good.  Omzak is banished to earth to spend time with normal cats but while he is there he solves mysteries and makes friends.

It took me a few nights to read this book as I also had to read my school books but I did enjoy it and would give it 4 and a half stars out of 5.  I would also recommend it to boys and girls who like and enjoy reading.


Jenny writes:

I must be completely honest and admit that I personally am not a very keen reader.  I do find it hard to get into a book and do tend to choose the girly, holiday, chick-lit type books.  Therefore I did struggle with reading this book but it is clear to see from talking to my two young reviewers, Megan and William, that they enjoyed the story, would happily read a sequel and would suggest the book to their friends.

The quality of the book is lovely.  It is a very nice hardback edition of the book with a colourful jacket-cover.  The pages are a nice, clean and bright white making the print clear and easy to read.  The pages are also a good thickness and easy to turn.  The story is divided into thirty-two bite-size chapters spread over 166 pages making it perfect for bedtime reading and appealing to younger readers who may read more slowly and like to take breaks at the end of chapters.  The images in this book are beautifully drawn although they are black-and-white images and there are only a handful spread through the story.  The lack of pictures may put some reluctant young readers off although my two reviewers certainly did not have a problem and even mentioned how the lack of pictures meant they could imagine themselves what was happening.

My reviewers talked to me about the book after they read it and it was clear to see that they were really engaged and interested in the story.  The story sounds fun and exciting and they both enjoyed it.


To find out more, check out the Omzak website

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