Mr Hendrix and the Half Eaten Mince Pie

Jenny writes:

The Mr Hendrix books are the adventures that a Pomeranian puppy has whilst his owner, Olivia is not around. Mr Hendrix has two very special friends: a French toy cat called Kitty and a home-made snake draught excluder called Sid.

Mr Hendrix and the Half Eaten Pie is the second Mr Hendrix book in the series and takes place on Christmas Eve. Olivia has made some fresh mince pies and Mr Hendrix desperately wants to eat one, but the only one he can reach is the one that has been left out for Father Christmas.

It is rather disappointing that there are faults with the printing of this book: for example there is one page where the writing has been centralised instead of being left justified; on another page the name of the cat Kitty has been spelt incorrectly.

The illustrations are clear and brightly coloured and appealing to both adults and children. The book also has an educational value for young children as it involves the use of colours and counting, both of which my son James absolutely loves. Also it teaches children to not go near a hot oven, which is very important.

Personally I do not like the fact that Mr Hendrix eats a mince pie even though he was told that he was not to, and then it becomes a laughing matter. However, it is a children’s book and targeted towards children and both my boys (age 2 and aged 6) enjoy being read this book and looking at the pictures. It is always nice to have a story to read over the Christmas period and I’m sure this book will be read and enjoyed many times.

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