Messy Me High Chair Cover

Jenny writes:

The Messy Me High Chair Cover is made from oilcloth material and neatly fits over and attaches to a large selection of highchairs. This allows your high chair to be protected from staining and damaging from high coloured pureed foods. It also allows you to easily clean the highchair as food, crumbs and liquid can be removed quickly and efficiently and are not able to gather in any nooks or corners of your high chair.

The Messy Me Highchair cover is available in a selection of different designs and the Messy Me website lists the high chairs which the cover has been tried and tested on in order to ensure a good fit. It also gives an easy description of how to check to see if the cover fits your highchair (if it is not listed).

There are many reasons why you may feel that the Messy Me Highchair cover may be worth a try, it may be to save time, for the design of the material or to be able to re-use a much loved product which is the reason why I thought I might give the product a go – almost six years we ago, my husband and I spent many hours agonising over which high chair to buy for our son. We finally found one that was perfect us and used it lots and lots with our son. When our second son, James was born we looked around for a new highchair but could not find one that we liked anywhere near as much. However, our highchair was looking very sad with slightly cracking fabric and a few orange tomato stains.

The Messy Me Highchair Cover arrived and I quickly opened the packaging, eager to try it out. I must confess that I am not always that great at waiting to read instructions and started putting the cover on immediately. It was very easy to fit (even without reading the instructions). The cover neatly clips together underneath the seat to ensure it does not move under my son as he eats and fidgets. I was impressed with how easy it was to fit although when reading the instructions to check it was on correctly, I was pleased to see that they are very simply written and very easy to follow. The instructions also include a section on how best to remove the cover to ensure that crumbs and mess stay concealed and ready to throw away instead of falling onto the floor.

The Messy me Highchair Cover is very well made, well stitched, a nice material and has no sharp or rough edges. It is definitely a good quality product. Unfortunately, no material is completely stain-proof and the oil cloth used in this high chair cover is no exception. Highly coloured foods such as tomato and blueberries can still stain and ruin the cover. This is clearly stated on the website and in the instruction booklet and it is suggested that stains should be removed straight away to reduce the risk of permanent staining.

Unfortunately, my high chair was not on the list of tried and tested designs and although it was compatible and went on, I didn’t feel that it was a brilliant fit and I had trouble with trying to keep the arm cover on when pushing the tray onto the high chair. This was not a major issue and I was still able to use the cover and the tray but a few crumbs did still manage to slide down underneath the cover. I also found that the leg flaps scrunched up as my son kicked his feet and did not stay in place. This was a shame as my son has been known to drop food between his legs on purpose. I wonder if this may not be a problem on one of the ‘tried and tested’ highchairs listed on the website though.

Unfortunately I do find using the high chair cover a bit of a faff at times although it is excellent for when doing messy creative play with my son and using paints, felt tips, clay and plasticine with him as the Messy Me Highchair Cover protects my high chair and stops it from getting ruined.


Available from Messy Me for £29.99 in a range of colours

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