Hello Baby Mirror Board Book

Allison writes:

This book is a great introduction to books for young babies.  It’s bright and it’s bold so it very easily catches their attention.  Each page has a different design based only around the colours that a baby can see, so you know that each page will actually be taken in by your baby and enjoyed. It consists mostly of black and white bold designs, with splashes of primary colours being added. This book has been designed solely with a new baby in mind. It aims to visually stimulate their developing eyes, so there is no need for words or pictures.

I must have over a hundred children’s books in my house as my two year old absolutely loves reading, but this is the only book we have with no words or pictures.  I’ve been using this book with my baby boy and it has held his attention better than other books I have tried with him.  I think this is due to the contrasting colours that take over the whole page, so there is lots for his little eyes to follow.  There are no pictures of objects that he has no concept of yet,  just patterns that his eyes can focus on.

There’s a mirror on the back cover and each page has a cut out so that baby can see their face through every page.  I’ve found that if I’m losing his attention, I can just show him his face again and bring him straight back to the book.  My son is now 6 months old, so likes to hold the book himself which is great for his development and I can rest easy that he can’t rip the pages as I try to teach him to turn them (instead of just chewing them).

The fact that this book is purely patterns, no words, means that you can teach your baby in your own way, or just simply let them enjoy the colours and patterns.  I love to talk to my son about what he is seeing as we turn every page.  I repeat the names of each colour while pointing at it with my finger, then with his finger.  Hopefully, using a book that my baby can enjoy will encourage him to read books in the future and this book seems like a great place to start.


Gina writes:

My son loved this book, he is a very vain 11 month old boy and loved looking at himself in the mirror in the book. It is a lovely book for a baby full of black and white with brightly coloured shapes. If this book was with a few other books he would always go for this book first. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends with young babies.


Hello Baby Mirror Board Book is available from Priddy Books for £4.99

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