Me in My World

worldallDo your kids know where they fit into the world? This is a fun activity to help them understand where they live and what lies beyond. You could even take things further and look at the Solar System, the Galaxy etc.! As suitable for EYFS as it is for KS2 children, though older children might be expected to do more research themselves!

Start by printing out all the shapes from our free download. Just click here to download and print out A4 sheets with everything you need.

Each sheet will contain the words ‘This is My…’ and a blank space for your child to fill in. They can use this space to draw pictures, create a collage, add photos, or write a bit about that part of their world, starting with themselves and ending with the world.

Once all sheets have been filled in, cut them out and place them on top of each other -, the use a split pin to fasten them together so that your child can move between the different layers of their wonderful world!

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