How To Be Supportive If Your Man Has Low Testosterone

A decrease in testosterone levels is something that affects all men as they get older, and this is a completely natural part of the aging process. However, some men experience this more drastically than others, and the symptoms may seriously impact certain aspects of their health. These symptoms may range from depression and weight gain to a low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. It is also possible that memory loss can occur, alongside fatigue, irritability, and night sweats. This article will take you through ways that you can help support your partner.


Talking To Your Partner About Testosterone Replacement

If low testosterone is a condition that your boyfriend or husband is suffering from, then encouraging him to seek help is the first step. Some men may feel reluctant to acknowledge the cause of the issue at first, and this is something you will have to navigate together. Although low testosterone can feel like a huge problem for some men, it is easy to diagnose and just as easy to treat with testosterone replacement therapy. This treatment simply involves the application of a topical cream or gel or may also be in the form of a long-lasting injection. This works to elevate testosterone levels back to a normal range and will help to revert existing symptoms, as well as to protect against related future issues.


Learn As Much As Your Can Together

It can be helpful for both sides if you read up on the topic first so that you know what to expect from treatment. It can put your partner’s mind at ease about the process. There is a wide range of information available online about the causes of low testosterone, so this may be something you wish to read and talk about together.


Be Patient and Understanding

Low testosterone can cause mood changes, and it’s important to understand that this is a symptom of the condition. It might feel difficult to communicate if your partner is suddenly very irritable or unhappy, but remember this is a symptom, and thinking about this can make it feel more manageable.

If his interest in sex has dropped, then suggest other ways to connect. This could involve things like massage or other types of intimate touch. It can also be helpful to let your partner know that this change in sexual desire is completely okay and that you are excited to find fun new things to do together.


Prioritise Communication

When one half of a couple is experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone, then this can take a toll on both people. Making the time to regularly check in with each other about your feelings and frustrations can be helpful for both of you. It is important to remember that testosterone replacement can resolve his symptoms, but it will take time.


Looking Ahead To The Future

As mentioned above, low testosterone is a common problem but one that is easily resolved with treatment. Try to see this experience as one of life’s challenges that you are working through together. Overcoming this issue can strengthen your relationship and bring you closer as a couple.

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