Bored of Your Mom Uniform? How to Start Taking Risks with Style

At some point, often once the school run years are established, most moms look at their wardrobe and realise that despite their best intentions, the mom uniform has taken over. Bold prints, fitted dresses, high heels, and fun fashions have been pushed to the back, replaced by leggings and mom jeans, loose-fit t-shirts, shapeless hoodies, and canvas pumps.

Suddenly we realise that we’ve lost our sense of style. We’ve stopped taking risks with fashion, and we don’t even know what we like anymore. We dress for speed and comfort, we spend more on our children’s clothes than on our own, and we don’t give what we are going to wear more than a moment’s thought.

There’s nothing wrong with this. As a busy mom, dressing for comfort saves time, and even reduces stress. But sometimes you might still want to feel like your old self, to have fun with fashion and to feel more confident and bolder. Unfortunately, after so long in a mom uniform it can be hard to remember how. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Go Shopping

One problem as a parent is that you don’t have time to shop. The pandemic might also mean that you’ve got into the habit of shopping online from stores that you are comfortable with, without ever trying anything on.

If you can, clear an afternoon and hit the mall or high street. Head to stores that you wouldn’t usually shop in and spend time trying things on.  Try different styles, colours, and prints, and don’t stick with things that you are comfortable with or things that you might have worn before you had children. It’s normal for your tastes to have changed as you’ve got older; you are looking for a new look, not a return to your old one.

Buy a Few Key Pieces

You don’t need to replace your whole wardrobe to start having more fun with fashion. Invest in a few key pieces that you absolutely love, that work well together, but that you can also wear with those mom jeans and jackets.

Invest in Your Hair

Your hair is another thing that might have been neglected for a while. If most days you just throw it up in a messy bun, or wear it long and lank, then it might be time for a change. Head to one of the best hairdressers in Guildford for a new look. Think sleek, long curtains, or a stylish bob to really make an impact.

Ignore the Rules

Forget what’s in fashion right now, don’t obsess over the latest trends, and ignore any of those style rules that you’ve heard a million times. Trying to stay stylish and stick to the rules can be overwhelming when you are trying to figure out what you like. Let yourself like what you like and don’t worry about anything else.

It can be hard to make changes when you’ve been wearing the same things for a long time. But it’s worth it. Start taking some risks with your style and your mood and confidence could improve massively.

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