7 Features To Look Out For When Buying The Perfect Pram

Having a newborn is a cause for celebration. The new family addition brings so much joy to the family. At their young age, it’s important to make their lives quite comfortable for them to grow properly. You’ll need several accessories to aid this. 

One of the accessories you need is a pram. A pram is a four-wheeled baby carriage that you push while on foot. It’s ideal for children below six months. Beyond six months, a stroller is advisable. It’s the main difference between a pram and a stroller. It’s important not to confuse the two during your purchase. 

That said, what features do you look for when buying the pram?

Here’s what to check:

  1. Easy Operating Mechanism

Taking care of a toddler is quite involving in itself. You don’t want to add to your stress by taking close to 10 minutes to get your pram working. Hence, it needs to fold and open up easily as the need arises. Today, there are digital ones that fold up with the press of a button. These make life easier for pram users. However, if you have no access to a digital one, put the ease of operation at the forefront as you shop for prams.

The operating mechanism extends to the wheels of your pram too. They should be large enough to provide stability as you push your baby around. Make sure that the wheels are solid. These are less likely to puncture, unlike their inflatable counterparts.

  1. Weather Protection

The weather tends to change quite often in a day. It can go from cool to extremely hot in hours; it could decide to rain as well. These conditions are uncomfortable for babies, especially when they’re directly exposed. 

With weather protection, you’ll need a pram with a retractable hood. The hood will cover your baby and prevent direct heat from the sun’s rays. Should it get too hot, you can retract the hood and let your baby enjoy some sunshine for vitamin D. 

Ensure your pram comes with a rain cover to cater to rainy weather. It’ll keep your baby dry if the rain gets you outside during your walk.

  1. Airflow

The pram can get too hot or stuffy since it’s like an enclosed box. It might make ventilation a challenge, which sends your baby into a fit. You’ll wonder what the issue is since you might have done everything right, from feeding to diaper changes.

Hence, you must ensure your pram has mesh fabric on some parts. Alternatively, it can have webbing on its sides. The mesh and webbing will allow continuous air circulation. Besides eliminating excess heat, your baby will breathe fresh air, improving their health.

  1. Storage Compartment

As you stroll around with your baby, you want your entire focus to be on them. Heavy bags full of shopping or baby items can distract you; your focus will be on the struggle of carrying them. 

To avoid such situations, buy a pram with a storage compartment. You’ll find this at the bottom of the pram. You can hold diapers, feeding bottles, extra clothes, and other baby items you need as you carry them with you. You’ll place your shopping here as well. Nonetheless, be wary of the amount of shopping you put there. If it’s very heavy, it’ll increase the wear and tear of your pram.

  1. Reclining Seat

A reclining seat is an essential addition to your pram. As your baby grows older, sleeping in a flat position isn’t always comfortable. Besides, you also want your baby to see the surroundings once in a while. You can only meet these new needs with a reclining seat.

Please ensure your chosen pram has one; it’ll help your baby sleep comfortably without causing a fit. 

  1. Versatility In Function

As a parent, you want to get value from your pram. It’s an investment on its own. You can only get this value if it meets your needs as a parent.   

A function you should search for during your purchase is a pram that allows you to attach a stroller or seat. You’ll find these attachments at the front or back.

Suppose you have a toddler and another baby, relatively one year old. Pushing a pram and a stroller simultaneously can be challenging, not forgetting tiring. However, with a pram that allows for attachments, you’ll only install a seat to your pram for the older child. You’ll only handle one tool, making movement and parenting much easier.

  1. Easy To Clean

When handling a baby, cleanliness is everything. It’s said that babies easily catch infections since their immunity isn’t that strong. Therefore, cleaning your pram should be part of your regime. 

Yet it’ll only be easier if it’s easier to clean. It’s best to buy a pram with detachable parts that you can remove and clean, especially the fabric parts. 

Suppose you don’t get such an option. Consider lining your prams with washable fabrics and materials. No matter the dirt, be it from food or snot, you’ll easily clean it, even daily. Such a feature will help you maintain high levels of hygiene, which is commendable.


A pram is an investment that’ll greatly serve you in your child’s early years. Yet it can only make life easier if it has optimum features. The discussion above has highlighted the features to look out for when buying your pram. Highly consider implementing the insight; it’ll make the buying process easier and more thorough.

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