Ask qualified counsellor Amanda Wilkins any questions you have about emotional wellbeing, particularly within the pre natal and post natal period.
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Good morning,

Many of you may be aware that children can suffer with anxiety or depression at a young age nowadays due to being sofa bound. And with this in mind, last year the National Trust launched a national campaign "50 things to do before 11 and 3/4 which are mostly free to do. Always a bonus!

Included in this list are activities like, climb a tree, roll down a hill, build a den, skim a stone, fly a kite, eat an apple straight from a tree, make a mud pie and the list goes on! My favourite as a child was to feel like I was flying in the wind - a huge inner freedom feeling! You can download the list here

I also wanted to share a new website aimed at helping parents and children that was announced in my recent BACP journal.

This portal contains useful e learning and informative information if you feel concerned about a young one.

I am living in "free child" mode and working through the list of 50 things before I am 44 and 3/4!

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