Introducing myself-your new baby expert

Ask Lisa Clegg author of The Blissful Baby Expert and Lynsey Calvert from Mothering Matters questions you have regarding dealing with everything baby-related.
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Introducing myself-your new baby expert

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Hi everyone
I am very honoured that Louise has given me the opportunity to be the resident baby expert on the Essex mums website.

Here is a bit about me and how I got to be offered this opportunity!

My name is Lisa Clegg
I have 3 children aged 10,7 and 2 years old and live in Colchester. I have always worked in childcare but for the last 7 years i have been working full time as a maternity nurse providing mothers some respite to allow them to catch up on some much needed sleep.

I mainly work nights and many parents book me in advance while still pregnant. I work between 2-5 nights per week for any one family and begin when the baby is only a few days old. Although the most obvious part of my job is to care for the baby allowing the parents to catch up on some sleep, that is not all I do. I am also there to help and advise them on all aspects of feeding, sleep, care and development and together we devise a routine that is individual to each baby and family circumstances.

I am incredibly passionate about what I do and without wanting to sound big headed, have a consistently high success rate helping families with all number of scenarios-ranging from big problems like sleeping and feeding,the intricacies of breast feeding effectively, weaning, coping with colic, through to helping first time twin mums cope and implement a gentle yet effective routine.

My biggest challenge in recent years is that there are not enough hours in the day or days in the week to help as many people as I would like. So many of the mums I have worked for have been telling me that I should write a book with all of the information I give them in it, as it's not information that they would have found elsewhere without me.

Last year I began writing that book...and finally by some miracle I have done what I have always promised myself (and plenty of the families I have worked with) I'd do and by the end of last year THE BLISSFUL BABY EXPERT book was finished!
This book has info on essential and non essential items & equipment to buy for your baby, what to expect when going into hospital, coming home and the first few days and weeks,feeding, sleep, weaning, common problems and illnesses for mum and baby and even developmental milestones.

I have self published to Amazon and the book is receiving great reviews ... aby+expert

I have also joined the world of twitter and the reviews from mums on there who have volunteered to read it have also been amazing. ... WF.1G00PJD ... isa-clegg/ ... clegg.html ... oduct.html

Paperback versions of my book are available through my website

Apart from finding the time to write the book in the last year, really it was easy, as its my life's work and experiences as a mother all in one book.
I love helping parents and get such a huge sense of job satisfaction from the work I do.
I'm so pleased that my book will be able to help even more mums, and I offer free email/twitter advice to anyone who needs it any time.
Thank you for reading this and I'm looking forward to hearing from you all and helping you with your little ones! :D

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