First time mum and worried about labour

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First time mum and worried about labour

#1 Unread post by magicalbabymoments » Fri May 06, 2016 4:46 pm

Are you pregnant and not sure what to expect from labour and birth? Have friends and family told you their 'horror' stories?

I have had two fantastic labours and did it all without medical intervention. Let me know what scares you about birth, so that we can work through it and take away your fear...

I look fowward to hearing from you...

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Re: First time mum and worried about labour

#2 Unread post by SherrillScott » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:19 pm

Hi there! I hope everyone is doing good. Becoming a mother is the best feeling ever. But not everyone is lucky enough to become mother naturally. Some parents struggle a lot for this. Overall being a new mom is quite scary. All these “horror” stories of miscarriage and complications are quite overwhelming. As a woman with endometriosis, I have struggled with getting pregnant. When I finally confirmed my pregnancy last month I was washed over with joy and excitement. Followed by the fear of everything that can go wrong due to the condition I have. Many women have to tell me that getting pregnant was half the battle. I’m most scared about losing the baby. I’ve heard of women with endometriosis mc at different points in their pregnancy and that puts the fear of God in me. If you have any words of wisdom or any ideas on how I can relax a little and do my best to keep the baby healthy it would be greatly appreciated.

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