Telling your children about miscarriages

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Telling your children about miscarriages

#1 Unread post by weezypops » Thu Jun 19, 2014 7:34 pm

Those of you who have had miscarriages, did you tell your children about it, either at the time or afterwards?

Felix and Iris knew about one of mine (with the other two one was too early for us to have told them, and with the other we were more hesitant to mention it because Felix in particular had been very upset when he had known about it) but they were young enough that they've forgotten about it. I'd always wondered when/if I would mention it to them as it feels like part of our family history but there had never been a time that seemed right.

Anyway, today Felix told me that they'd been talking about death at school and both kids were very interested in talking about relatives they'd lost etc. and it seemed like the right time to tell them about it. It was difficult to tell but they were very interested, not too upset though they acknowledged it was sad. I'm glad I told them, I think.

It did make me wonder if it's the sort of thing other people share though. Have you? How old were your kids and how did they react?

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Re: Telling your children about miscarriages

#2 Unread post by Schmushe » Thu Jun 19, 2014 10:19 pm

I can understand what your saying about being part of their family history but I personally wouldn't discuss it till my kids are older. I had a m/c after AJ and it's not something that I will forget but it's a personal thing. Family don't even know. I'm not ashamed of it or anything. They are upset enough over Nathan and my situation means that his memory is one we need to keep alive.

My kids have been through so much and as much as I am open with them about a lot of stuff there is just somethings right now We don't need to talk about.

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