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Board Rules

#1 Unread post by weezypops » Wed Mar 12, 2008 10:07 am

Even in an online forum, it's nice to be nice, so let's get a few ground rules down now. By posting on this forum you are agreeing to abide by the following rules:

1. All-Caps: Please do not post using all capital letters. In internet forums it is considered to be shouting and is rude, not to mention doesn't look very nice.

2. Foul Language: Just don't. It's not necessary. At the moment the censorship on here is non existent, but I will enforce it should it become necessary.

3. Discrimination: Do not discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, gender... anything really. We can have a healthy debate without it turning into a slanging match or a barrage of slurs.

4. Spam: No excessive, multiple posts (spam). This includes posting the same topic in multiple forums. If it seems like a topic that is applicable to more than one area (for example a centre that offers classes and parents/toddler groups), check with me first and I'll tell you if it's okay to post more than once.

5. Trolling: Please do not create multiple usernames/accounts for the purpose of decieving others or trying to cause trouble.

6. Advertising: Any advertising of products, merchandise, or other web sites that are not relevent to the aim of this site is not allowed. If you have a service you wish to promote, ask me if it is appropriate for this website before you do so.

7. Flaming: Personal attacks on fellow users will not be tolerated.

8. Personal Information: Do not disclose your own, or other users', personal information on the board. Never post pictures you do not own or are copyrighted, or other's identifiable information. Be careful when you are posting your own photos.

9. Avatars & Signatures: Avatars, signatures and pictures, if posted, must adhere to site guidelines.

10. Deletions: Site Administrators and Moderators may delete posts in violation of these rules or ban users at their discretion.

Extra info:
Avatars and Signatures: Only one ticker or image can be displayed at a time, its width can be no greater than 150 pixels, the height no greater than 150 pixels. Signature and Avatar images cannot contain movement of any kind (ie: flashing, glittering, .gif images). Signatures and avatars that contain movement, will be deleted immediately. Signature text is limited to 250 characters.

How can you get a ticker:

1. Click here: to create a ticker.

2. Copy the BBcode given after creation and paste it in the signature box in your profile.

If your signature image is too large you can resize it at, , or .
(You cannot resize ticker images.)

By joining the forum you are also opting into the monthly newsletter, keeping you up to date with what is new on the site. if you would prefer not to, please drop me an email.

Thank you


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