Ultimate Body Blueprint


After 4 weeks of running the Blueprint our clients are really getting some amazing RESULTS!

Up until now we have held back on marketing too much, so we get best practises down

Understand what works best, what approaches are getting the best results and what the members enjoy the most.

We have now got everything running smoothly which means we can concentrate on getting you the best results possible

And by that i dont just mean from US … i mean the best results possible full stop

You can’t train this much anywhere, with this much attention to YOU as an individual, nutrition coaching throughout…again individualised to YOU.

Fully resistance and Conditioning based training programme, with specific metabolic finishers to get fat loss optimised, the option to try something different and join in the Tough Guy Fitness Training sessions as well as being part of the online community we have running where motivation & education come into their own.

So to mark the fact we are ready, we decided to put a special offer out to those who have followed us and supported us from the start

6 WEEK PROGRAMME for the price of 5 Weeks!



That’s 6 weeks of ALL the above for £375
That is less than £65 a week (A night OUT)
That is less than £9 a day (An M&S lunch & Starbucks coffee)

So if you are heading away for Easter, or want to start on your summer body NOW or haven’t quite got your New Years resolutions up & running yet then get in touch

Drop us a message Facebook,

email us on [email protected]

or give us a bell/ text on 07855353798

we are more than happy to have a chat and see what we can do for you


The Ultimate Body Blueprint Team

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