Christmas Freebies

It’s Christmas time – the season of giving! We are giving out FREE Santa Packages that are full of goodies that will get Children really excited and happy this Christmas:

1. Personalised Text Message from Santa on Christmas Eve (how cool is that?)

This says hello to the child by name and confirms that Santa is watching them… It goes on to encourage them to keep up their good behaviour as Christmas is only 24 hours away!

2. Santa’s Personalised Reward Chart

Your child will be motivated to be on their best behaviour all the way till the end of the year and beyond! You can easily recycle this and use it throughout the New Year as well.

3. Santa’s Christmas Eve Recipe

Your child can get busy preparing a meal for Santa and his reindeers!

4. Pre-Christmas Activity Sheets

This will keep your child busy with christmas just 24 hours away!

5. Christmas Gift Tags

Your child will find ample use for this!

6. Christmas Wish Lists

Your child can use this as a behaviour wish list!

7. Pre-Christmas Craft

This will bring out the creativity in your child!
Click here to get your festive goodies!

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