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Studio 12.09.15 021What on Earth? Wallbooks are perfect for kids that never stop asking questions.  Curious children can lose themselves in 14-billion years of history, laid out on a series of beautifully illustrated two metre long timelines, with answers to just about every question the adults don’t know.

Designed for inquisitive children aged 8 to 14 years, there are five titles to choose from: The history of the World, Science, Nature, Sport and Shakespeare. Each book connects key events in history along a chronological timeline, using over 1,000 hand-drawn illustrations accompanied by amazing facts, to give a complete picture of everything that’s ever happened on Planet Earth.

A special Wallbook pocket magnifier brings hidden information into view.  Newspaper style stories report on events as if they happened yesterday, adding drama and realism to historical moments.  There is a 50-question quiz for children to test their knowledge, or better still their brothers’, sisters’, aunts’, uncles’, mums’ and dads’, to find out just who knows the most

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