It’s Partabulous Pop-Up Parties presents… Merry Mac’s Christmas Party Bundle

“The best in the business! Fantastic children’s parties.” – Rob Brydon – Actor/Comedian

It’s Partabulous Pop-Up Parties presents… Merry Mac’s Christmas Party Bundle: 3 videos on demand providing over an hour of original, fully interactive, energetic, engaging and fun festive party entertainment.

Appropriate for children of all ages. Stream your pop-up Christmas party content whenever and wherever you choose in the build-up to Christmas.

Host a Christmas party this year for a group of 6 at HOME, at a SCHOOL (for children within an allocated ‘bubble’) or as part of a LIVE or VIRTUAL PARTY OR EVENT.

All content is completely COVID-19 secure, enabling everyone to fully participate and enjoy the fun under current social distancing guidelines.

Merry Mac’s Christmas Party Bundle includes…


VIDEO 1: Merry Mac’s Christmas Party

A non-stop, 45-minute, fully interactive pre-recorded Christmas party led by Merry Mac the Elf from the North Pole.

Join in the fun with Merry Mac to help him fill up his joy-meter and reach North Pole position in the race to become Santa’s Head Elf this year in the ‘Annual Elf Joy-Meterthon’.


VIDEO 2: Merry Mac’s Story Time

Join Merry Mac for this interactive and original Christmas story, “The Mischief Maker and The Great Key Heist”.


Video 3: Merry Mac’s Christmas Eve Message

Join Merry Mac this Christmas Eve as he provides you with your very own ‘Elf Checklist’ to make sure you have a truly Elftastic Christmas Eve and an even more Elf-Eventful Christmas Day!

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