Paint My Story

Are you looking for an original and unique gift that will be treasured? Then you have come to the right place.

I am a designer from nearby Suffolk and I have designed prints and jewellery for many of the top names on the British High Street. I now enjoy designing from home alongside bringing up my three young children!

My pictures are  high quality prints on watercolour paper of original paintings done by myself. The centre rectangular area of the painting is carefully sketched, hand painted in watercolour and outlined by myself to the name of your choice. It is delicate work! When completed, the finished painting is unique to your child.

My paintings are designed with a simple font so that as the child grows up they can delight in being able to recognise the letters of their name and gain confidence and a thrill in reading as they do so. I can do any name, longer names are not a problem.

To personalise the painting further, I am always happy to include a birth date or a special message within the painting. Just drop me a text on 07749791479 and tell me what you would like, I’m happy to help.

The picture can framed in a beautiful wood & white edged frame which will look lovely in any home. The frame dimensions are 27.5cm x 23cm (depth 1.5cm). The painted image is 19.3cm x 14.4 cm (or 8×6 inches).

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