Bags of Memories

Hi my name is Jenna.

I own my own award winning small business Bag’s of Memories which specialise in handmade unique & bespoke keepsakes and crafts.

I’m a veteran of the British army, I’m also a retired carer due to my health conditions I couldn’t do the job I used to love so much but it’s not all gloom. Now I have my own business, I’m my own boss, even though I’m 20% disabled I have managed to receive a business award and I love running my own business, I have such a passion for my work, I have been told I’m a perfectionist by a few of my returning customers, I can pretty much make anything.

So welcome to my shop, I’m currently still uploading my products but please have a good look and if there is anything I can help with please get in touch.

[email protected]


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