Kids Do Travel

Supplying childrens travel accessories and children’s luggage for either that special holiday, a day trip or a sleepover at a friends or Grannies house.   Our childrens trolley cases will help your child identify their suitcase on the luggage carousel and our cabin sized luggage for children is interesting, funky and personalised.  We know that keeping children amused on their travels can be hard but our fantastic range of travel games and children’s gifts are sure to keep them entertained and can be sliiped into your children’s suitcase and pulled out when times get a little stressful.  We also offer a full range of back to school children’s lunch bags and kid’s backpacks.  Our selection of children’s washbags are sure to entice even those allergic to soap and water and with a childrens magic towel too you will not be able to keep them away!

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