Zizzz – We design duvets, baby sleeping bags and blankets with 100% natural materials

Wouldn’t it be great if you would wake up fresh and ready for action every morning? Sleep is vital to be in good shape. Yet few people pay attention to what they use to sleep. At Zizzz we do! We design duvets, baby sleeping bags and blankets with natural and sustainable materials.

We create our products around three principles: breathability, comfort and sustainability. In the quest for the best thermal-regulation we discovered Swisswool. Wool helps to regulate body temperature, very important for comfortable sleep. We replaced the polyester filling baby sleeping bags normally have with Swisswool. The superior quality of wool for sleeping is scientifically proven.

Soon parents came to us and asked if we could make a duvet for them. They wanted to sleep as good as their baby did! The Zizzz duvet line was born.
We love to work with fair trade and bio cotton. It is better for everybody. Our goal is to develop the best sleeping materials. We want you to start every day with a big smile. Try our products and you will soon forget how you slept under your down or polyester duvet.


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