The Skibz story so far…

Once upon a time, on a family farm in rural Somerset, the clever idea of a mum planted a seed, and Skibz grew…

Skibz came about when mumpreneur, Helen Bristol, was looking for something to keep her dribbling, teething babies dry and comfortable. She wanted something that combined quality with quirky, a bib that was highly absorbent yet cool enough to be worn all day, with any outfit. Helen saw that there was a niche in the market, and began selecting and stitching fabrics until she created a solution; cue the bandana style baby dribble bib that looks like a scarf, yet works like a bib. Or, I suppose, Skibz for short.

Helen wanted to share her beautiful and brilliant bibs with other mums and babies, and so she set about starting a business: finding a manufacturer, protecting her design and trade mark, testing her Skibz, and all of the other tasks that come with starting a company.

Things got exciting at the beginning of 2008 when Skibz exhibited at their first trade show. From here, they picked up more than 20 independent shops, focussed on marketing the new bib, attended more trade and consumer shows, received encouraging feedback, and even started to feature in magazines. Skibz gained popularity quickly, and started selling in over 400 shops throughout the UK, including John Lewis and Jo Jo Maman Bebe.

Bandana dribble bibs have since been mimicked by many, many other companies, but Helen maintains that Skibz are the original.

Skibz have become quite the bib pioneers, expanding the range to bring you reversible Skibz, organic Skibz and Made In Britain Skibz. But the problem-solving ideas didn’t just stop with the bandana bib, oh no!

Skibz modernised the traditional cotton feeding bib, giving Feederz bibs a new lease of life with bright and fun patterns.

Catcherz bibs by Skibz are the first fully patterned pelican feeding bibs, with an innovative side-fastening to prevent hair-pulling.

Snoodz n Mitz are another clever creation from Skibz, the world’s first multi-purpose hats and mittens that stop your little one’s mits going missing.

Pop-itz are the easily attachable bib accessories that simply ‘pop on’ to your Skibz Doublez (reversible Skibz) to keep babies’ dummies and teethers clean and close at hand.

And there’s still more to come! The Skibz range is forever growing and the Skibz team forever determined to suit your baby’s needs and provide practical solutions to your parenting problems, from the little office based on the family farm where that first seed and first stitch were sewn.

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