With years of expertise in the Educational industry, we believe in providing practical and innovative solutions for the busy practitioner, freeing you to attend to the care, development and growth of children’s minds and bodies. We believe balanced development of both mind and body is essential for a happier, healthier child and that learning can and should be FUN. It may seem unnecessary to say, being an educational supplier, but we are passionate about education. ‘Every Child Matters!’ This is more than a statement to us: It is our firm belief.

Edusentials believes that development through play, in a safe environment, is fundamental to the growth and learning of young children. We source all of our school supplies with careful consideration for each product’s suitability for use in a busy classroom. We aim to provide stimulating resources that will help foster language acquisition, challenge young minds and bodies and aid the development of sensory, motor and cognitive skills which are so vital to all learning.

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