Sniffy Wiffy

“Sniffy Wiffy?!” we hear you exclaim, “what is Sniffy Wiffy?!” 

Well, we are a small, family run company with a BIG mission – a mission to give EVERY woman the knowledge, or simply a reminder, of how to perform a self-breast examination. 

Why? Because we’ve all heard about breast cancer – we all know the risks are very real and we probably all know someone affected. But, hand on heart, do we all know exactly HOW to check our breasts for possible early (vital) signs of breast cancer? Even if we do know how, do we all REMEMBER to do so?

This is where Sniffy Wiffy comes in.  Not afraid of being different and not embarrassed to talk about breasts (because really, there’s no need to be) we had a bit of a ‘light-bulb’ moment when we heard breast checks are best performed when skin is slightly slippery or wet, such as while applying body lotion. Why not have this all-important know-how on the labels and why not make the products ourselves, donating to charity along the way? And so Sniffy Wiffy was born. Following feedback and natural progression we have now introduced a male range, with the same educational twist, showing how men can perform a testicular check.

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