Zipit Dress

Before I had my little girl, I never understood when I hear my friend groan about dressing up their baby girls in pretty dresses. Apparently, most girls clothes have poppers or buttons at the back and are the devil with newborns (I had a boy so didn’t have this problem). Then I had my daughter and discovered for myself how hard it is to dress a newborn baby. Anything pretty for girls usually involve trying to keep them upright while supporting their heads while trying to button up the dress. So when we got offered the chance to try the Zipit dress, I jumped at the chance to do it. We got the Dreamsicle design in a 9-12 months size to fit my daughter who was about 10 months.

Zipit dresses are 100% cotton full front zippered opening dresses that makes dressing up a doodle. As a bonus, it even comes with a nappy cover and a pretty gift box. There are several design and they all look very cheerful and most of them are quite colourful. They all come with a applique pocket which makes the dress look really adorable. The zip on the dress is very smooth and looks very well made. The zip is also rounded so there is no risk of baby being scratched by the zip.

First thing I did when it arrived was to check the sizing against my daughter. My daughter is on the small size for her age and had only just moved into 6-9 months clothes. I would say the sizing on this dress does come up a bit small as it fitted her really well. However, the nappy cover which was being labelled as a 0-3 months, came up really gigantic (maybe it is catered for cloth bum). It basically would not stay on my daughter’s bum. The dress itself was really soft and looked very well made and looked as it does on the website. It does appear on the short side for a dress so the nappy cover is definitely very useful if you are one of those parent that don’t like nappies peeping out from under a dress.

The disappointment came after I had washed and dried the dress prior to my daughter’s first proper wear of the dress. I noticed that the dress and nappy cover had both strung in the wash and dryer. It now fits up daughter like a glove and the length is slightly too short to pass off as a dress so she wore it as tunic. The nappy cover now fits her well. The shrinkage could be caused by my dryer being set too hot for this dress as it does state on the label to tumble dry in lower setting. On the positive side, it has not bobbled and there is no colour run and it still as vibrantly coloured as before the wash.

Based on my experience, I would recommend this dress. It would make a really presentable gift with its gift box packaging and pretty and cute designs. It is also a useful dress regardless whether you have a newborn to dress or need to quickly dress a wriggly baby. It just makes it so much easier without the need for fiddling with buttons.

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