Hatters Farm Pumpkin Picking Review for Essex Mums

We Visited: Hatter’s Farm

A Pumpkin Picking Paradise in Essex

Our visit to Hatter’s Farm in Essex for pumpkin picking in preparation for Halloween was absolutely delightful. Not only did the children have a blast, but it was also one of the most affordable pumpkin patches we’ve been to. Hatters Farm is located in Takely, Bishop’s Stortford and the pumpkin picking experience is available on select dates in October and all through half-term. Let me share our experience with you.

Pumpkin House and Friendly Characters

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a charming pumpkin house where the children happily spent their time playing. The pumpkin house was beautifully decorated and provided a safe and entertaining space for the kids. To our delight, Dracula and Mr. Scarecrow were walking around, posing for photos and adding to the festive atmosphere. Throughout our visit, they continued to roam the farm, always ready for a quick snapshot. It was a great opportunity for the kids to meet their favorite Halloween characters up close.

Fun-filled Clown Room and Mini Maze

Inside the farm, there’s a fantastic clown-themed house called New Hatter’s Mad House that we walked through. Initially, my youngest was a bit apprehensive, but once she realized it was all in good fun, we had to go in at least five more times! The kids were captivated by the lively atmosphere and couldn’t get enough of the clown-themed adventure.

Around the corner, we discovered a mini maze made out of haystacks. The maze was well-designed and offered a fun challenge for the children. They loved exploring the twists and turns, running through the haystacks, and trying to find their way out. The maze also provided an opportunity for the kids to interact and make new friends. However, I must mention that my youngest, who was wearing shorts, ended up with a few scratches on her legs from jumping across the hay bales. So, for those planning to visit, it’s advisable to dress the kids in longer trousers to avoid any minor mishaps.

The Spacious Pumpkin Picking Field

The main pumpkin picking field at Hatter’s Farm is simply enormous, and it boasts a wide variety of pumpkin sizes. The fields provide countless photo opportunities, with plenty of props to add some extra charm to your pictures. We spent a good amount of time wandering through the field, searching for the perfect pumpkins to take home. The kids were thrilled to find pumpkins of different shapes, and sizes, making it a truly exciting and memorable experience.

There’s a prominent sign near the entrance that displays the prices for each pumpkin size, ensuring transparency before you embark on your picking adventure. This is very helpful in planning your pumpkin selection and managing budgets. Additionally, there are two other areas that require an additional fee: a large maze and a pumpkin cannon shooting activity. Both looked incredibly fun, but due to time constraints, we didn’t try them this time. However, we’ll definitely consider trying them out on our next visit.

Food, Drink, and Facilities

When it comes to refreshments, Hatters Farm has you covered. There’s a waffle van serving both savory and sweet options, an ice cream van for those with a sweet tooth, and a coffee van. The waffle van offered a delicious selection of toppings, and the kids couldn’t resist the sweet treats. However, I must admit that the coffee from the coffee van was a bit on the pricey side considering the size of the cup. It would be great to see more affordable options for coffee lovers. As for the facilities, the porta-loos were clean and well-maintained throughout our visit. We appreciated the effort put into maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Ample Seating and Free Parking

There’s no shortage of seating at Hatter’s Farm. You’ll find plenty of benches and picnic areas scattered around, providing ample space to sit down, enjoy a meal, or simply watch the children play. The seating areas were well-maintained and offered a comfortable place to rest and relax. Additionally, parking is free and convenient, with a large car park located near the entrance. We had no trouble finding a parking spot, and it made our visit hassle-free.

Hatter’s Farm truly exceeded our expectations. It offered an abundance of activities, friendly characters, a vast pumpkin picking field, and a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. We highly recommend visiting this wonderful farm for an unforgettable pumpkin picking experience. It’s a perfect outing for families, where kids can have fun, explore, and create lasting memories. We can’t wait to go back next year!

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Travel Info:

You should plan to arrive by car to visit this attraction – there is free parking onsite.

We travelled from Chelmsford and the journey time by car was 30 minutes.

We think this experience is best suited to: Children of all ages.

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