Twinkle Tower

Louise writes:

Twinkle Tower is a prettily painted wooden princess tower. It comes complete with a set of furniture and a Princess Amelia Budkin doll. At first it just looks like a normal dolls house but it actually has a bit more to it – the balcony and doorway make it more like a fairytale castle, so it’s lovely for acting out little stories.

My daughter especially enjoyed the princess dolls and has really enjoyed playing with this toy – it seems very sturdy and is easy for little hands to get inside and play with, as well as being decorated nicely (if you’re into that sort of thing). Iris’s one complaint was that she wanted there to be more furniture and dolls, but you can actually buy extra pieces for this and other houses in the Budkins range, though I haven’t actually shown her this yet as I fear the length of the Christmas list that would follow!

At just £35.99 this is a really reasonable doll’s house, especially if you’re not sure whether it will be a hit or not – the fact that you can then add on to the collection with other houses and dolls is a bonus too.


Twinkle Tower is available from Big Game Hunters for £35.99

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