Toffee Latte Bra

Allison writes:

This review could be done in one word: FABULOUS!

It arrives beautifully packaged in its own pretty bag, just begging to be opened.  The material looks and feels soft and luxurious, which is a treat compared to a lot of other maternity/ nursing bras. The overall appearance of the bra is very feminine but the best bit is that the inside is just as beautiful (or maybe more so) than the outside.  This bra is a soft toffee colour, but the inside is floral pinks; prompting a feeling of inner beauty.

When worn, the bra adds shape to a constantly changing figure, offering comfort and support where it is needed most.  There are plenty of hooks to adjust the back of the bra to cope with a growing bust, so the comfort should last the full pregnancy.  The shape of the cup is flattering, whilst still leaving some room for growth. Perfect for any yummy mummy. Overall, Fabulous!

The Toffee Latte Bra is £36.00 from the Cake Lingerie website. You can also check out their gorgeous range of maternity and nursing lingerie

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  1. Wow… looks great! I will definitely check out Cake Lingerie’s Toffee Latte bra. I am in the market for a good maternity bra that is flattering but also fits well!

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