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Kat writes:

Tanya came to visit me in my home, she was friendly and easy to talk to. I love her idea of putting numbers on each individual bead to make up your phone number and for the child to wear it when out and about in a busy place.  The beads for girls are bright and colourful and the boys are a little more subtle, which with would suit little boys perfectly, each bead is handmade by Tanya and the findings are made from sterling silver, the beads are strung on a colour treated thong and are water safe. They are recommended for children of 3+ due to small parts.  At £23 they seem slightly expensive but when you take into consideration they are each individually handmade the price seems more reasonable.

The pieces she brought me were very cute and Stella instantly wanted to wear one. She tried on the necklace and bracelet. The necklace was forgot about very quickly, which was a good thing as it meant she wasn’t playing with it. The bracelet however was constantly on and off, left lying around and in the end got taken away and put out of reach. The only concern I have is with the bracelets, the little charm that comes with them seem slight large and thin. I would worry that they may break if knocked but this is a personal concern and was NOT seen. I had a good pull on the thong to see if it would give and they seemed very sturdy and I’m confident they would last.  I would have like to have tested this bit longer than a few days, a couple of weeks maybe to get a good test but it wasn’t possible.

This is definitely a product I would consider buying for the girls.


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