TLK Cherubs Children’s Jewellery

Michelle writes:

This jewellery is designed to keep children safe, by having a phone number imprinted on each bead on the bracelet or necklace.   It is designed to be both safety and fashion minded and ideal for my daughter who loves girlie things like bracelets and I knew would be over the moon to ‘try it out’.

My daughter is 4 and when we received it she was so excited to try it on.  It was packaged really well and came in a very nice box.  It seemed very sturdy, which was my biggest concern as it is marketed for children from 36 months upwards.  Very girlie and best of all, the bracelet sent to us came all in pink!   It had a unique TLK charm in the middle of the beads which gave it a very nice touch.    However, I did find the bracelet a little too big for her and it did slip off her wrist a few times (I was sent the smallest at 16cm), and the link to attach it did seem a bit flimsy when attaching it together which would concern me slightly.  It states in the information sent that the bracelet is waterproof although the colour in the cord might run a bit (which if you were out and about near anything water based it may be a issue).  My daughter didn’t mind any of these things that adults think about, and was happy to wear her bracelet and even compared it to my Pandora one (which was significantly more money than hers!).    I tried to explain to her that the beads indicated our phone number and she grasped the concept quite easily (and then also forgot it again within a few hours – so would probably need to work on that bit).

My only other concern would be, having to re-buy it if I ever changed my phone number….?

I showed my 8 year old son the ‘boys’ bracelet sent to see what he thought about it, but I think he might of been a bit too old for it, and just looked at me with dismay and promptly told me our phone number.

This is a brilliant concept, and with a few tweaks could make a product I would probably invest in for days out when wandering children are always a concern.


Buy TLK Cherubs Jewellery from the TLK website for £23.00

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  1. I am the designer of the ‘TLK Cherubs’ range and wanted to thank you so much for such a comprehensive review. The range is new and so any feedback is great for me to know how to make the product better!!

    I just wanted to answer a couple of points that have been raised. Because of the size of the beads I cannot make the bracelet any smaller so there are necklaces available if the the bracelet is too big.

    I have looked at the catch and have added a jumpring, which is soldered so there are no open joints making it sturdier and not so fiddly.

    I am always open to queries and will do my best to accommodate any request that come my way.

    Thanks again,

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