The Book of The Animals by J.N. Paquet

Louise writes:

The Book of Animals is a series of books about animals who don’t want to do various things that children are also rather hesitant to do, such as eat, sleep, wash and go to school. We had a look at ‘These Animals… Don’t Want to Eat!’ and my 5 and 3 year old both enjoyed it. The story is not especially sophisticated and as expected, it shows a group of animals who are not keen on eating, and then discusses what happens if they don’t eat. The kids were able to discuss what was going on though failed to see any parallels between themselves and the animals, so I’m not sure how much of a lesson was learnt!

The illustrations are lovely and the range of animals is interesting – not your typical cow, sheep, horse, which makes it all a bit more fun for the kids to read. As an added bonus, the books are bilingual, which Felix in particular loved. I think that they may be a little young for him as he’s quite a good reader, he certainly enjoyed it once or twice but maybe not more than that, though with Iris, she seemed to be the right age and really found it enjoyable.


For more information about stockists for the Book of the Animals series take a look at J.N. Paquet’s website.

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