The Skin Clinic, Brentwood

Sarah writes:

I arrived in Brentwood ahead of my appointment and parked in a nearby pay and display. I located the Skin Clinic salon which was towards the end of the high street across the road from the main stretch. There are small simple signs and I was at ease that the location lends itself to popping in without a big sign next to me saying “skin peels for the slightly wrinkled”… Okay, okay, it would never say that but don’t we all worry about being judged a little? Once inside and upstairs into the salon, it was simply decorated and clean and I was greeted warmly and professionally; I felt completely at ease. I completed a form to advise of any medical conditions and given a glass of water.

Upon being called into one of the treatment rooms, a wonderful therapist called Laura had a look at my skin and we discussed my ‘problem’ areas (I said my whole face however she was very kind) and she advised me how the peel works and how she will focus on my T zone as that is where I need a little more attention. I was having an Ormedic Peel which is a gentle, partly organic treatment that is much more gentle than the standard ‘peel’. It is so gentle in fact that it can be used on pregnant ladies too; wish I had known that when I felt disgusting in my latter stages.

The treatment itself was nothing short of wonderful! Initially my face was fully cleansed and a de-greaser was used to ensure my skin was ‘naked’ and ready to be treated. The peel was then applied and I was surprised by its fresh and fruity smell as typically I have found peels to smell almost unpleasant. It was worked across my skin and I had no discomfort at all. After a few minutes of being applied I noticed some very minor ‘pins and needles’ type sensation in places (mostly my chin). My therapist talked me through this and was advising she was watching for changes in my skin although due to this particular peel being gentle they were not large changes. When the peel was removed my skin was treated to a masque to prevent dryness; this felt cool and very relaxing. My skin was finally topped off with a moisturiser. I resisted the urge to have a little siesta throughout although with the break from my boy and this treatment it was not easy… If it hadn’t have been for the review I probably would have!

My therapist gave me some aftercare advise regarding SPF, moisturising and my water intake and I went on my way. I left without the red and angry appearance that come with a stronger glycolic peel and my face looked bright and fresh. I was struck with how given the whole process took about 40 minutes I could pop and get this done in my lunch break if I was short of time and my colleagues would never know.

My skin was wonderful for the remainder of the day. The next morning I noticed my skin was slightly dryer than normal, so I applied the sample moisturiser supplied by my therapist and gave it a bit of a treat followed by an SPF. I popped on a bit of mascara and went about my day. I popped to see my mum and she complimented me (in actual fact she said something quite ‘distasteful’ about my other half and I but it was of the same implication). On days 3 and 4 I had a few areas that seemed to be shedding a tiny amount of skin; I continued to use my moisturiser and this was quickly masked so it wasn’t visible. A week after the treatment it’s almost like my face feels a little ‘tighter’ and my skin looks and feels much smoother. The obvious results of my peel lasted 4 weeks. I’m sure it continued to assist beyond this point, however this may be hindered by my own skin care routine, which being a mummy is quite lapse. All in all I would definitely recommend the treatment for a little pick me up and a rebalance.

The Image Ormedic Peel costs £65.

Thank you to The Skin Clinic Brentwood, 01277 214827. Visit for more information