The Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow

Alice writes:

As a second time mum-to-be I felt like I was breezing through this pregnancy. The sickness wasn’t too bad, my figure didn’t disappear after 4 weeks like last time and I was surprisingly wide awake to chase round after a toddler all day.  Then I hit 6 and a half months and that all changed!  Backache and my emerging bump was making sleep hard, which in turn was making life hard in general. With baby number 1 I had a wonderful maternity pillow that really helped so I thought that was the best route to go down again, before sleep deprivation drove me to the edge of insanity. (I thought I’d spare myself that delight until the baby arrives at least). I was lucky enough to be sent The Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow. A multifunctional pillow suitable during pregnancy for a good night’s sleep and then once the baby is born, for more comfortable, relaxed breastfeeding experience.  Made from millions of micro beads that are light as a feather, this amazing filling conforms to the shape of your body, no matter what position you are in. As the cover is silky soft, it feels lovely next to your skin and it also comes in a range of gorgeous patterns to suit your taste. You can also purchase a separate fleece cover for the pillow which would be great for the winter months.

I couldn’t believe how the quality of my sleep changed as soon as I started using the pillow. The microbeads inside the pillow really do allow it to mould to your body and it is long enough that I could wrap my arms and legs around it at the same time with it also supporting my head. It truly does make a difference.  My back felt much better in the morning as my bump had been supported all night.

Both the inner pillow and the outer cover are machine washable at up to 60 degrees and can also be tumble dried at the lowest setting, if you do so with the outer cover on.  I washed mine at 30 degrees and left to dry naturally.  Washing didn’t change the feel of the pillow at all and the drying time was remarkable quick for such a large pillow.  I washed it fist thing one morning and it was back in bed with me that night.

I am already very attached to this pillow, and would recommend it to any mums-to-be that are struggling with sleep. I’m so comfortable at night now it’s going to be hard to give it up once baby arrives!

Michelle writes:

I took the pillow into our local Special Care baby unit to see what a few parents thought about it, being a very busy unit often support pillows are in short supply.   Of the parents who tried it,  they all said how comfortable it was and how it fitted the body in a better way than some nursing pillows do, it curved in the right places and wasn’t as hard to mould it around the body, allowing them to breastfeed without constantly pulling and tugging at the pillow to keep it in place.    The cover was smooth to the touch and felt very silky and soft.

The pillow I reviewed was a lovely daisy pattern, I liked the fact the cover was easy to take off to clean and it benefitted from being multi functioning, so could be used in pregnancy to help when sleeping / laying, after birth holding the baby and could even be used as a support pillow in bed or in a chair, so for me was perfect – the last thing you want to do is buy something just for in pregnancy and it be useless afterwards.

Not being pregnant myself, but suffering from bad backs and neck pain, I thought I would give it a go myself one evening, I was amazed at how comfortable it was, I felt like it was part of me and was surprised when I woke from a ‘cat nap’ to find my back wasn’t hurting.   I also used the pillow in a V-shape whilst reading a lengthy book.

I do like the multi-function of the pillow, as mentioned, I would prefer it to be something you could use long term and not just through pregnancy.    I definitely  would recommend to anyone who is pregnant and suffering from backache or SPD, having suffered myself in 3 pregnancies, I think having this pillow would of helped me find a few more comfortable positions to sleep / lay in.



Louise writes:

I’m just in the early stages of pregnancy myself so I’m not yet in the ‘can’t roll over in bed without holding the headboard’ phase, but already I can see how useful this pillow will be. I had a maternity pillow in a previous pregnancy that was more like a normal pillow, just longer, and while it was fine, it really was nothing compared to this. The fact that this is full of beads rather means that it moulds to your body really nicely but still has some resistance – it’s a lot like a bean bag in that respect and is really very comfortable.

I suffered with SPD in previous pregnancies and think this is going to be very useful for me a few more weeks down the line, whether it’s from putting it between my knees to offer some support there, which really helps relieve the pain, or putting it behind the back to give some help when turning over. It’s also handy (if you are able to have such a luxury) for catnaps in the day time as it’s really quite long and can be moulded into a number of comfortable positions. My kids found it hilarious to make a giant seat out of it they could both sit in to watch films and looked pretty settled in it too.

I’m looking forward to trying it out with breastfeeding. I would consider myself a fairly faithful Boppy user and would recommend them to anyone, so it will be interesting to see how it compares. I think it will actually perform very well as it’s so versatile, especially with a newborn when you’re trying to find a position that suits you both. Also great for lying down feeds as you could use it to raise the baby up a bit when lying on your side. The one thing that might let it down is that as it’s so large it probably isn’t very easy to sling under a pushchair and take with you, which is doable with a more traditional nursing pillow.

The fact that you can use this when pregnant, breastfeeding and beyond certainly makes this a real winner though. I look forward to using it more and perhaps updating with future discoveries!


The Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow is available from the Theraline UK website for £44.95

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