The Chocolate Truffle Company

Louise writes:

What else can I say but… yum! The Chocolate Truffle Company are an Essex-based business selling handmade chocolate bars and truffles, and what a treat they are.

I bought some of their champagne truffles for my husband last Christmas and think I ended up eating most of them myself. I am a big chocolate fan (really, who isn’t?) but these are something special – the chocolate is rich and just tastes divine and the champagne truffle filling is gorgeous. I thought I would be able to devour the whole box in one go, they taste so good, but they do deserve to be savoured so or or two is more than enough.

I’ve also purchased some of their chocolate gift packs, but the thoughtless people I bought them for didn’t share them with me so I can’t comment on the taste but am sure they are just as lovely. They are certainly different though, with the gift packs including such interesting bars as dark chocolate with crystallised ginger or chilli, and milk or white chocolate with various different berries.

At £12.00 for a gift pack of four (good sized) bars, and £8.00 for a box of 13 truffles, they are definitely in the treat category but are inexpensive enough to be given as a little gift without breaking the bank – perfect as an end of year treat for your child’s class teacher perhaps? The Chocolate Truffle Company offer other treats too, such as hot chocolate stirrers, dark chocolate truffles and buttons, chocolate hearts and butterfly lolliops.


To look at their complete range take a look at The Chocolate Truffle Company’s website. They offer FREE LOCAL DELIVERY: spend over £20.00 and receive free local delivery to CM1, CM2 and CM3 postcodes.


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