Helena Writes:
Stamptastic is a personalised permanent inkstamp that can be used to name a child’s belongings for school, sports and other activities.  I was very happy to have the opportunity to try out and review Stamptastic with my seven-year-old daughter Amalia.

The Stamptastic kit consists of a solid, clear plastic rectangular stamp block embossed with the child’s name, and an inkpad with permanent black ink.  The stamping surface measures 38mm x 15mm and the stamp itself is completely transparent so that you can easily position it accurately and ensure it is the correct way up.  The inkpad comes in its own silver pouch, where it should be kept after opening.  To use Stamptastic to name a child’s belongings, simply open the inkpad and press the embossed end of the plastic stamp block into the ink.  Then place the stamp onto the item to be named and press down hard.  The ink dries almost instantly.

We have been using our Stamptastic kit for an entire school term now.  During this time I have had to label a wide variety of my daughters possessions, including her school uniform, book bag, pencil case, swimming bag, PE kit, ballet shoes, games console, lunch box and water bottle.  All of these have lasted well and none of the ink has faded, despite our continuous use, washing and dishwashing.  The stamp has worked well on all of the surfaces we have tried, including plastic, soft fabrics and care labels.

The product is clean and simple to use and the ink does not have a strong odour.   I personally love the speed and simplicity that Stamptastic has brought to labelling; it has completely cut out the process of ordering and then sewing or ironing on nametapes. Now I can simply label items as and when needed, rather than setting aside an entire evening to sew an entire batch. Whenever an item is replaced we can simply stamp the new one, although I should add that we have not lost anything since we began stamping.  Another aspect that I particularly like is the way that it enables my daughter to take some responsibility for naming her belongings, as it is easy for her to use under supervision.

I have found Stamptastic to be invaluable and I would not hesitate to recommend this product to any family.  I have decided that this is something that I cannot live without, and I will order a stamp for my son when he starts to go to nursery.



Louise writes:

Stamptastic have one, simple product: handmade personalised stamps. Doesn’t sound terribly exciting, I know but they are certainly experts in their field. The stamps are considerably more stylish than you would expect of something like this, and are actually really nice things to have as well as being practical.

The stamps are usable on paper, wood, plastic, metal and fabric, so are a fantastic alternative to name labels for school uniforms etc, especially if (like me) you’re quite lazy and a bit rubbish at sewing and the lettering is clear and easy to read, using a very attractive font.

I got a stamp for each of my kids and they were amazed that their names were on a stamp – opening the parcel heralded many cries of “how did they know my name?” etc. My children are rather easily impressed it seems. There followed a good hour or so of them stamping their names on anything I would allow them to, so as well as being practical, it appears the stamps are fun too!

They’re not especially cheap, but when you tot up the cost of numerous name labels over the years, as well as the effort and frustration involved in sewing or ironing them on (or maybe that’s just me), I definitely think they’re a worthwhile purchase.

edit: Since writing this review I have used the stamps to label my children’s school uniforms and seriously don’t know how I lived without them – an excellent investment as we will be able to use them year in, year out!

NB. Stamptastic have advised that children do not use the stamps unattended as the ink is not child-safe ink.

Stamptastic stamps are available to order from their website for £16.99 each, though the price decreases if you order more. Each comes with an inkpad.

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