Splash About Float Wings

Sarah writes:

I think I need to start this particular review by simply stating this is THE BEST product/service I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Even my husband who gets enthusiastic about absolutely nothing, stated they were “brilliant”. High praise indeed!

Splash About has combined both armbands and chest support in this really rather nifty offering. The support comes from puncture-proof foam which is within the Float Wings and non removable. It felt a little bit bulky upon first impression, however they can support a child up to 6 years so I was pleased and confident. They are easy to get on (even when wet/damp) and can be adjusted with a 3 point belt and buckle around the child’s back. The Float Wings provide UPF50 sun protection as the vest is made from Nylon Lycra and conform to CE European Standards.

Initially I tried them on my 5 year old. In fairness he can swim a few meters with no floatation devices, however we were on holiday in Menorca and I wanted to give him freedom to have fun, whilst knowing he was safe. These offered the perfect solution: he even jumped and dived in the waves in the wave pool and Daddy was able to be within a couple of meters and not need to intervene. Even when he was battered back by a wave, I watched with my heart in my mouth as he bobbed straight back to the surface with the biggest grin on his face. They gave him the opportunity also to splash and swim in the pools without tiring so much. The result was hours of water fun with breaks only for refreshments.

We then moved on to dubiously trying out the Float Wings on the youngest. He is 1.5 years old, but exceptionally large for his age. They fitted absolutely fine as expected and he loved the freedom of ‘surfing’ across the water surface between Mummy and Daddy. Unfortunately his experience with the Float Wings was short lived: a certain 5 year old liked them so much he wanted them back as he had “the matching trunks”.

Splash About state that Float Wings are “specifically designed as a safe way for your child to have fun whilst gaining confidence in water”. I can honestly say they do exactly that. I genuinely can not fault them. They are miles ahead of arm bands, arm discs or any float suit I have used. The Float Wings are available in one size and come in 2 designs a more stereotypically feminine Unicorns and Rainbows or masculine Castles and Dragons, and matching trunks and swimming costumes are available. They cost £16.99 with free economy delivery.


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