Speck iGuy Case for Mini iPad

Any parent who owns a touch screen phone or iPad will understand how much toddlers and children of all ages enjoy using technology and also how difficult it is to stop your child from wanting and using your items.

The iGuy case is a foam case which holds the iPad mini and helps to protect your iPad mini from damage as your child uses it.  A toddler can chew at the ages if they are teething without causing damage and they can bang it against the table or drop it off the bed without breaking the iPad mini.

When the iGuy case arrived, it looked really cool and funky.  The colour is gorgeous and there is just something very friendly and happy about it.  We quickly began to put the cover on.  The iPad mini slips in from the front and is then secured behind a ridge. However, it took us quite a while to get the cover on and we had to use quite a bit of pressure on the case and were a little worried about breaking it.  We eventually managed it and found that after the first fitting, it became much easier to get the iPad mini in and out of the case.

The iGuy case has openings so that the power switch, camera and other cords can still be fitted into the iPad which is good, however, the iGuy case does cover the speakers.  This means that when watching or playing something with sound, it is necessary to turn the volume up very loud and it does begin to sound a little muffled.

The iGuy case obviously cannot protect the screen from scratches or smashing should it be banged against an object and therefore parental assistance is still required.  The iGuy case is raised at the edges on the front so if the iPad mini was dropped and landed face down on a flat surface, the screen would be protected from damage but not, for example, if it fell onto a pile of Duplo where the corners and shapes can touch and scrape the screen.

My son loved holding the case by its ‘arms’ and even when I used the iPad mini, it was much easier and more comfortable to hold it by the ‘leg’ than holding the slim iPad mini itself.

We loved the fact that the iGuy case allows you to stand the iPad mini up, this meant that we were able to entertain my son by putting children’s television programmes on for him to watch at a safe distance from him.The iGuy case does make the iPad mini bulky to carry around and this may defeat the iPad mini’s purpose slightly as it is so easy to fit into a handbag but for certain situations and for letting a child play on the iPad mini, I would definitely suggest it to other people.


The Speck iGuy case is available from MobileFun.co.uk for £22.97.  They have a full range of iPad Mini Cases to suit everyone!

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