Southend Caterpillar Music

Jenny writes:

I recently attended a trial session of Caterpillar Music at Kids Kingdom in Southend.  Caterpillar Music is a franchise organisation and the Southend branch is run by Cheryl King on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Each week, the sessions have a theme such as favourite colour or farm animals and the session started with a little show and tell session for each child that wished to share.  There were plenty of songs to join in with singing and actions to very happy tunes.  There was also a section where the children used musical instruments such as rattles, shakers and drums and a section where the children each played and sung with hand puppets and pom-poms.

It was clear that the children who took part were enjoying the session and Cheryl was very enthusiastic whilst running the session.

The sessions really do cater for babies, toddlers and young children of all ages but unfortunately for us, James (8 months) was the only baby in this particular session and as I really wanted baby interaction for my son, we have decided to give it another try (hopefully) in a few months.  After speaking with Cheryl we were advised that she has many babies who do go but unfortunately on a day which we are unable to make.  We were just unfortunate in this instance.

I can see how attending classes like these can aid a child’s communication skills as well as their confidence, imagination and music skills.


For more information please visit or check out the Essex Mums forum and Things to Do section for class times.


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