Soltan Once 50 SPF Suncare lotion

Jenny writes:

When I first saw this product, I read it carefully and I thought it sounded fantastic although felt it was very pricey even when on BOGOF.  It claims to last 6 hours if dry or 3 hours worth of water play which is perfect for my very fair skinned 4 year old who loves playing in the paddling pool or in the swimming pools on holiday.

However, we decided to give it a try and we are very glad we did.  Although I find it a little sticky on my hands when rubbing in, it really is an excellent lotion and my son does not think it is sticky.  It is very thick and therefore you can clearly see that you have all bits of skin covered yet it is very easy to rub in quickly.  My son suffers from mild eczema and the lotion has not triggered or flared this which is very good.  Being an active 4 year old we have also found that his skin is not blocked by the lotion and he is still able to run around and perspire like normal.

Regarding the price – because you are not topping your child up regularly, you actually don’t get through a bottle as quickly as with regular suncreams and therefore is comparative with other makes and bottles of suncream.

I will definitely be buying this suncream lotion for holidays in the sun which involve a lot of beach and outdoor pool time and also on camping trips!


Available at Boots £15.99 (BOGOF) – Buy one get one free (11/7/11)

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