Snugg iPad 4 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Red Leather

Jenny writes:

I love the Snugg iPad case cover and flip stand.  It is extremely stylish yet does an excellent job of protecting the iPad.

The colour is lovely and I have had many comments from both men and women at how nice the case looks.  It has a very attractive slim white stitching and it looks very professional.

The Snugg is a very good fit for the iPad and leaves all the necessary holes, switches exposed and visible.  It holds the iPad (as the name suggests) ‘snuggly’ and also securely.

The Snugg is a slim case and is not at all bulky and has some fantastic features.  The Snugg has two stand positions and also a handle for holding your iPad when you are working without a flat surface.  The stand positions are good and are held in place by tucking the cover into the tab.

The Snugg cover closes magnetically and automatically sends the iPad to sleep until the cover is lifted.  This is a lovely feature although when my child uses the iPad, I do need to check that he has closed it properly and put the iPad into sleep mode.

I would recommend this case to all iPad owners because I have no faults with it or complaints and think it is an excellent product.


The Snugg iPad case is available on their website for £34.99


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  1. Since writing this review my mum, my dad, my aunt and my brother in law have all purchased one of these snug cases and my sister has also bought the snug case for her ipad mini. They all love the case and would all recommend!

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